Ask someone about abortion, euthanasia, embryo research, designer babies, saviour siblings, genetically modified animals, human guinea pigs, animal research, nuclear power, pregnant men, assisted suicide or climate change and you'll start a debate.

Everything has an ethical dimension and with a little help, everyone can join in the discussion about what's right and what's wrong. This thought piece might help, and this longer article may also be of interest.

Claire Foster-Gilbert is the inspiration behind the Ethical Dimension and believes that the way people behave is determined as much by the way they perceive the world around them as by any intellectual decision. She makes ethics accessible and enjoyable.

Claire in action

Claire trained in theology, moral philosophy and environmental ethics. She has taught ethics to business people, professionals, academics, teenagers and lay people; advised bishops; developed policies and effected large-scale change in public and voluntary institutions. She writes and broadcasts on moral philosophy, medical ethics and environmental issues, and in 2009 founded the Ethics Academy.

Claire is part of the Environmental Dimension consultancy.


Abortion Animal Research Climate Change Cloning Conjoined Twins Designer Babies Embryo Research Euthanasia/Suicide GM Animals GM Plants Human Guinea Pigs IVF Moral Dilemmas Nuclear Power Pregnant Men Saviour Siblings

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